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Transformation Inspiration – a Four Part Series

From Conflict to Co-Creation 

By Dr. Linda L. Miller

The existence of ambivalence in the modern, highly complex organization leads to a natural tendency to secure answers and detail before moving into action.  In the Millennium business world this can translate to losses and financial hardship.

No one thing leads to a slow-down in decision making and a closing-off of innovative thinking. It’s a lot of little things – all of which need to be cleared away in order for people to start reaching out to each other for support and solutions.  A rule of thumb is that an insistence on agreement of details creates an inability to discern the next right step and take that step.

In its worst form, the occurrence of transformative change manifests in conflict and an inability to come to a decision at the highest levels of the organization – setting in motion a domino effect or pattern among management and staff, who follow suit.  This downward spiral of human sensibility creates damage very quickly that can take a long time to see your way through let alone recover from to restore a productive organization. 

Trying to control transformation is like trying to grasp flowing water. Once a reverse pattern of open dialogue and allowing errors to guide the organization on its trajectory is established the need to control vanishes and new space is made for collaboration and ingenuity. Igniting the energy around collaboration and ingenuity by abolishing reward and punishment tactics and applying elevated and humanized leadership practices compels people to rise to a new maturity in their workplace interactions. The nature of the culture shift is founded in the notion of saying ‘I see’. I see your unique contribution; I see the pain and trials you are going through to embrace this change; I see that I misunderstand you so let’s try it again; I see the excitement and daunting amount of effort your idea evokes.

Co-creation is possible as a new norm within the workplace when we recognize each other moment to moment, and we appreciate the need for commonality and commitment to moving into and through the unknown.


About the Author

Dr. Linda L. Miller is in the business of mobilizing the organization’s wisdom, strengths, and resources to adapt to rapid, sweeping, and unrelenting change. Her search for methods to humanize the installation of transformative information technology over her 30-year career has led her to practices as a business process engineer, change management professional, and an executive coach. Along the way, Linda earned a doctorate degree in Philosophy and certifications in Executive Coaching and Change Management. Linda’s combination of education and experience uniquely qualifies her to advice on the changing emphasis of leadership in an emerging era that demands a shift from Industrial Age command-and-control thinking through Information Age knowledge-enabled ingenuity to New Millennium individualized meaning-centricity.


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