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Recent Placement | April 2020

Director, Delivery Services


Our client enlisted Annex’s Executive Recruitment services in order to fulfill their need for a Director of Delivery Services. This role is responsible for delivering a large enterprise-wide portfolio, enterprise-wide program governance, process, methodology and controls, and effective vendor and asset management. It included support of annual strategic planning, budget and road-mapping cycles, as well as processes for financial tracking, forecasting. Through the Annex Permanent Staffing division and the Executive Recruitment service, we used our own unique methodology to screen and interview many suitable candidates for the role and ultimately placed the right candidate for the job.  Take the Annex executive recruitment challenge: give us three weeks to generate a short-list of candidates. It does not cost you anything. If you are not satisfied, then engage another executive recruiter and the only thing you will have lost is three weeks of time.  If we successfully place a candidate, chances are you will save thousands of dollars in fees.

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