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PROFIT 500 Press Release

Annex Consulting Group Back in the Pages of PROFIT

Stacey Cerniuk and Company Celebrate Acknowledgment by Canada’s Premier Business Magazine


 June 3rd, 2013

Annex Consulting Group is as proud as it can be to announce its appearance on the PROFIT 500, Canada’s definitive list of Fastest-Growing Companies. This has been a fantastic year for Annex, in terms of public recognition; Annex has been recognized on lists released by Branham, CDN, and Business in Vancouver. Annex is honoured to be recognized by PROFIT, particularly on the 25th anniversary of the Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies program.  Annex has been on the PROFIT 200 list 4 times in the past eight years; we’re thrilled to find our names in its pages for a fifth time in nine.

Annex’s pride in this honour is shaped by its appreciation of PROFIT Magazine’s entrepreneurial expertise; its bimonthly reach of 184,000 Canadians include some of Canada’s top business players, thinkers, and makers.  For 30 years Canadian entrepreneurs have trusted PROFIT for timely and reliable advice, tips and guidance.  The PROFIT list is just one moe reason why that readership won’t diminish.

Likewise, Annex’s present growth and expansion shows no signs of slowing down; with plans for further expansion into other cities across Western Canada, one can only expect the continuing rise of Annex Consulting Group on every list next year.


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