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PMV – Project Manager Volunteers

PMV – Project Manager Volunteers


Interested in knowing what PMV is all about? The following dialogue, recently overheard between two executive directors of non-profit organizations, should help you.

… good, and how is your famous project coming along?

Oh, you know, how projects are … trying to keep it organized, make sure everyone knows what to do, fight the fires.

Are you on track for completing on time? If I remember correctly the end is soon.

Who knows! That is so difficult to track and I have no time to worry about that!

Sounds to me you could benefit from some project management support.

Too expensive, can’t afford it. And where would I start searching for a PM? Good seeing you, got to run (starts leaving)

Wait, have you heard of this organization called PMV, stands for Project Manager Volunteers? They will connect you with real project managers interested in supporting non-profit organizations.

(stops, turns around) Are you serious?

They will start by working with you and help properly define your project; you know things like objectives, deliverables, start and end dates, etc.

And then …?

Once the project description is agreed they will post your project on their website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other places. They have many PMs following them, which allows them to support all kinds of projects. Prospective volunteers regularly check out the posting and when interested will apply directly to you; you will conduct the interviewing and select the person you like best.

Why didn’t I know about them three months ago!!! It really sounds like such a useful service. Not sure my budget can afford it, though …

I’m sure it can! This service is at no cost. Volunteers run the whole PMV organization. Their mission is to improve project management skills in the NFP sector. They have already supported over 200 projects.

But why would the volunteer PMs give all this free time?

There are several reasons: Give back to the community, earn PDUs (Professional Development Units, allows them to maintain their designation), increase their experience, learn about the NFP sector and more.

That’s amazing! I have to give them a try with my next project. How do you get in touch with them?

On their Website there is a simple form to submit an inquiry, and they’ll get back to you within a couple of days. When you are on PMV’s website, do also check out their one-day workshops, introducing project management, but tailored to non-profits. The workshops cost a nominal fee, but are well worth it.

Now I really have to run, sorry! Thank you so much, you made my day!


About PMV

Since 2010, PMV (formerly has helped over 190 nonprofit and charitable organizations achieve project goals through professional project management. We are a dedicated, grassroots organization helping to make the world a better place.

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