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CDN Top 100

Annex named one of CDN’s Top 100 Solution Providers in Canada for the eighth consecutive year.

Annex at Agile

Joel Chamaschuk, Director of Consulting Services, was a panelist at the latest Agile Vancouver: Working with Recruiters.  View the video here. Check out Agile Vancouver for upcoming workshops.

January Anniversaries

3 staff members celebrate anniversaries with Annex! Sean Marthinsen, Client Manager, has worked with Annex for 10 years. Joel Chamaschuk, Director of Consulting Services, has been with Annex for 3 years. Gordon Swenson, Client Manager, celebrates his first year with Annex.

Annex Grows in January!

Annex welcomes April Alvior as our Accounting Clerk, Suzanne Izatt as our latest Client Manager, Stephanie Tam as our new Recruitment Coordinator, and Sarah Corron as our Recruitment Assistant.  Contact April at, Suzanne at, Stephanie at, and Sarah at

2014 Goals

*This article originally appeared in the President’s Message 2012. 2014 Goals Let me start by saying Happy Holidays to Annex’s clients, consultants and suppliers.  Our team sincerely thanks you for a fantastic year. Calendar year end is a great time to reflect on the year that was and to plan the next 12 months.  So […]

Annex Anniversaries

Kimberley Wysseier, Recruitment Consultant, and Annamaija Irvine, Marketing & Communications, celebrate their 1 year anniversaries with Annex!

Annex Grows…

Annex welcomes Mathew Low, Jenni Palmer, and Diane Nhan as our newest Recruitment Consultants.  Contact Mathew at, Jenni at, and Diane at

CEOCFO Magazine Interviews Stacey Cerniuk

CEOCFO Magazine – The Most Powerful Name In Corporate News and Information Business and IT Solutions for People and Organizations Business Services – IT   Stacey Cerniuk CEO Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor CEOCFO Magazine BIO: Stacey Cerniuk is the founder, President and CEO of Annex Consulting Group.  He has a Bachelor of Science […]

Annex Hires!

Annex welcomes Dave Fujisawa as our Director of Business Development.  Contact Dave at

Annex Grows Again!

Annex welcomes Julie Antifave as our Recruitment Manager, Amarjit Dhatt as a Client Manager in Vancouver, and Jonathan Turner as a Client Manager in Victoria.  Contact Julie at, Amarjit at, and Jonathan at

Annex promotes within!

Annex is proud to announce that Annamaija Irvine was promoted to Marketing and Communications in Vancouver.  Contact Annamaija at

Annex Promotes Staff!

Annex is proud to announce that Krystle Mishra and Gordon Swenson were promoted to Client Managers in Vancouver.  Contact Krystle at and Gordon at

Annex Continues to Rank Among Province’s Best Businesses

Annex Consulting Group has been a proven expert in IT recruitment for fifteen years, but it’s always validating to see that expertise recognized. Branham, CDN, and Business in Vancouver have all released their lists … and Annex is honoured to be recognized as among the best solution providers that Canada has to offer.

PROFIT 500 Press Release

Annex Consulting Group is as proud as it can be to announce its appearance on the PROFIT 500… This has been a fantastic year for Annex, in terms of public recognition; Annex has been recognized on lists released by Branham, CDN, and Business in Vancouver.

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