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Getting the Fees You Deserve

Annex Alliance Seminars

Annex Alliance Seminars are complimentary education sessions for members of the Annex Alliance, our consortium of [annex-members]  IT and business consultants in BC.  Guest speakers share their expertise and provide value to benefit Annex contractors.  You are not required to be on a current Annex project to attend – all consultants are welcome!

Sessions consist of a 1-hour presentation from an industry specialist plus audience Q&A.  There is no charge to attend.  Register early as seating is limited to room size.

Getting the Fees You Deserve

During this seminar, consultants learned how to ask for, and get, the fees they deserve.   Attendees were introduced to a straightforward approach to prepare for those client facing conversations in which fees are set. The practical advice provided guidance around:

  • The specific nature of the value the client wishes to realize by working with you.
  • Which of those areas of value are most important to them
  • Where and how the value they desire and the fees you are quoting intersect

Most importantly, participants in the seminar learned that you do not need a sales background to be successful in getting the fees you deserve.  You simply need a good plan, some solid questions, and the ability to listen intently to what your client is telling you.

In case you missed the seminar, you can get more information by contacting the presenter, Rob Malec, at


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