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Find it EZ Press Release


For Immediate Release May 15, 2013

Find it EZ Software Corp. Announces Exclusive Offer
to Members of the Annex Alliance Group


Vancouver, BC, Canada  Today Find it EZ announced a special offer exclusive to members of the Annex Alliance.  The Kelowna, BC based Find it EZ develops and markets its award winning source code change management product to software developers throughout the world.  For a limited time Annex Alliance members can purchase Find it EZ Code Search at 50% off of normal web pricing now through to the end of June, 2013.

Find it EZ Code Search specializes in managing change involving Business Intelligence and Database software products such as Crystal Reports, Oracle Reports, SSRS, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL and is a certified Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP partner.  Whenever changes are planned or made to the underlying database in any enterprise application, it can be a challenge to pinpoint all referenced code that may be affected.  That’s why Annex is pleased to offer this deal on Find it EZ to members of the Annex Alliance.

“Find it EZ is committed to improving business intelligence, database analysis and development processes with the world’s first fully integrated software change management tool.  It’s  productivity software for developers,”  said Ken Gnazdowsky, co-founder and CEO of Find it EZ Software Corp. “I can’t imagine a better fit for our software then an Annex consultant hired to analyze and plan changes to application source code that more often than not, they did not originally author.  Yet they are relied upon and expected to deliver the highest level of productivity with impeccable quality, on time and within budget for every engagement.”

Find it EZ Code Search creates timely, pin-point accurate change estimates with little knowledge of the existing software architecture,” said Stacey Cerniuk, President & CEO, Annex Consulting Group Inc. “Teaming up with Find it EZ will allow us to know EXACTLY what code needs to change and therefore what developer resource expertise is needed to fulfill change requirements.  Find it EZ creates comprehensive check-lists across all software layers so that we instantly know what types of code is affected.  There is nothing like it currently on the market for searching relational database code including procedures, views, triggers, etc. in SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, and native connections on SQL Azure or Amazon RDS cloud editions.”

Download a free, fully functional 14-day trial:


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Media Enquiries

Morgan Lackey
Office Administrator II |  Annex Consulting Group  |  604-443-5036  PDT

Ken Gnazdowsky
Co-founder & CEO | Find it EZ Software | 250-448-4783  PDT

About Annex Consulting Group Inc.

Annex Consulting Group Inc. is a Vancouver-based information technology consulting and recruitment firm with an unparalleled 97% client satisfaction rating. Annex plays a niche role in the IT and management consulting services marketplace providing high quality solutions at competitive prices.  With 13,000 IT and business consultants in the Annex Alliance, our clients are assured the best selection of IT resources available in British Columbia and beyond.

Annex is an award winning and innovative leader as one of the largest IT consulting firms in Western Canada:

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2011  BCBusiness magazine 20 leading innovators in BC  | @AnnexGroup


About Find it EZ Software Corp.

Find it EZ Software Corp. is a software development tool vendor with headquarters in the heart of the Silicon Vineyard, Kelowna, BC, Canada … home of Club Penguin and Disney Online Studios. Find it EZ was founded in 2010 as a spin-out of Bits n’ Bytes Software Inc. Customers throughout the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand depend on it for automated change impact analysis.  Find it EZ is an award winning global leader in productivity software for developers.

Whenever changes are planned or made to the underlying database in any software application, it can be a challenge to find all referenced code that can be affected.  Normally, each software layer or programming language requires time-consuming and disconnected analysis with a variety of tools.  Find it EZ provides a full 360 degree view of the entire code-stack in a single pass.  Search and document Crystal Reports, SSRS, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Excel and more for complete change dependency analysis in a single integrated tool.  |  @finditez

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