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Annex Continues to Rank Among Province’s Best Businesses

Annex Consulting Group Continues to Rank Among Province’s Best Businesses

Stacey Cerniuk and Company Celebrate Annex’s Unilateral Rise in Rankings



June 5th, 2013


Annex Consulting Group has been a proven expert in IT recruitment for fifteen years, but it’s always validating to see that expertise recognized. Branham, CDN, and Business in Vancouver have all released their lists of 2013 movers and shakers, and Annex is honoured to be recognized as among the best solution providers that Canada has to offer.

Annex is no stranger to these lists; Annex Consulting Group has been ranking on the Branham300, CDN Top 100 Solution Providers in Canada and Business in Vancouver’s Top 100 for the past seven years. This year, Annex climbed to #135 on Branham’s Top 250 ICT Companies, a forty position leap from 2011’s 174th ranking.  This list puts Annex in with such august
company as Telus, RIM, and Rogers. The CDN Top 100 Solution Providers, measured by Computer Dealer News placed Annex at 61st place, four ranks higher than last year.

As a Vancouver-based company, Annex takes particular pride in its placement on Business in Vancouver’s Top 100 Tech Companies. Annex is now on the verge of cracking the top half of the list, hitting the #50 spot after seven long years.

Annex’s present growth and expansion shows no signs of slowing down; with plans for further expansion into other cities across Western Canada, one can only expect the continuing rise of Annex Consulting Group on every list next year.



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