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Why Belong? The Annex Alliance.

The Annex Alliance consists of 2 million IT and management consulting professionals in North America. There is no cost to join. Benefits include:

  • Annex can help you find your next job, whether on contract or as a permanent employee.
  • We provide jobs across the full spectrum of IT and management consulting.
  • We pay all consultants semi-monthly, on the 15th and the last day of the month. We pay you via direct deposit, straight into your bank account. Our back-office payment solution is efficient and environmentally friendly. In fact, you get paid by Annex much faster than if you contracted directly to the client – typically net 14 days.
  • Hassle Free Payment – Annex provides fast semi-monthly payments so you can focus on your project, not on administration.
  • We place people across North America, with specialization in the Pacific Northwest – British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State.
  • In business since 1998, we are one of the pioneers in the IT and management consulting recruitment industry. We have completed thousands of successful engagements.
  • Annex provides high value product and service discount programs to consultants such as:
    • Health and wellness benefits – nationwide across Canada
    • Olympia Health Trust – write off health care expenses using your business, nationwide across Canada
    • Hub International – CGL and Professional Liability insurance for your business, nationwide across Canada
    • Many others, including national and regional programs
    • Available to any consultant, not just people on assignment with Annex
  • We provide comprehensive Commercial General Liability and Professional Liability insurance coverage to our consultants on every contract assignment.
  • Our low-cost pass-through services can be used if you already have an existing relationship with the client but must work through a vendor rather than going direct. This service can also be used to avoid paying costly premiums for your own insurance.
  • We disclose our mark-up on contract assignments to the client and the consultant to provide transparency and to ensure our pricing is fair. We know what you are making, so you should know what we are making.
  • Annex team members have hands-on IT and management consulting industry experience. This means we better understand both our clients’ requirements and what you do.
  • Our proprietary service management process helps resolve any issues on your assignment. It is a major factor why Annex has a 97% customer satisfaction rating across all engagements (contract, permanent staffing and solutions) since 1998.
  • We are a full service organization uniquely positioned to do contract work, permanent staffing, and outsourced solutions. This means Annex generates more opportunities for you than other firms.
  • Earn a generous passive income with the award-winning Annex Referral Program by referring opportunities and consultants to Annex. Enjoy the added benefit of helping others find work in the IT and management consulting community.

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