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Benefit #2 - CustomCare

Get exclusive discounts on an innovative approach to health care benefits.

A Health Spending Account (HSA) is an ideal benefits solution for small business owners such as IT and management consulting professionals, as it allows limited or incorporated businesses to provide stellar employee benefits that are flexible and affordable.

As a small business owner, it is difficult to find a cost-effective approach to paying for expensive dental services, not to mention everything else your family needs, such as vision care and prescription drugs. BenefitsMyWay from CustomCare allows your business to pay for your family’s medical and dental expenses with 100% of the cost deductible as a business expense. Eligible expenses include all dental expenses, vision care, chiropractic visits, massage therapy, physiotherapy and more. You can also include premiums or deductibles paid for other health and dental plans, even when paid through a spousal plan.

For consultants with a small group of employees, this program offers a completely different approach to setting up employee benefits. You will only pay for what your employees actually spend and you set the limits. You also have the option of designing the plan around different categories of employees. Management can have a top of the line plan while new employees can receive a more flexible plan than what may be offered currently, without breaking the bank.

BenefitsMyWay from CustomCare was founded in 1998 with the mission of revolutionizing the small business insurance space and over 9,000 small business owners across Canada have chosen CustomCare.

Consultants are entitled to a significant discount on the enrolment fee.

Click here to visit CustomCare’s dedicated BenefitsMyWay page for Annex Alliance members.

Eligibility: IT and management consultants. Do not need to be working on an Annex assignment.
Location: Canada
Contact: Sean Kim
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