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Benefit #4 - REAP

Looking to get discounts on real estate?

The Real Estate Affinity Program (REAP) benefits consultants who are considering:

  1. the purchase or sale of real estate, or
  2. the financing, renewal or refinancing of real estate mortgages.

Benefits are only available to consultants, not the general public. Annex Alliance members get a portion of “fees” returned to them from real estate industry professionals.

The Home Package is for buyers and sellers of real estate that use REAP to engage the services of a realtor. REAP will contact a realtor (of your choice, if you have one in mind) and introduce you to the realtor, thereby securing a “referral fee” for referring the business to the realtor. When you conclude the purchase or sale of a property through that realtor, the “referral fee” will be shared with you. Contact REAP first to ensure the discounted fees will be applied.

The Mortgage Package is for consultants who finance, renew or refinance real estate and secure their mortgage through the services of a REAP mortgage broker professional. Mortgage brokers find the lowest possible mortgage rates for their client and are paid a “finder’s fee” when they bring new customers to a bank or lender. This finder’s fee, paid by the lending institution, will be shared with you when the mortgage is finalized. Benefits may vary depending upon realtors/lenders and variables such as home location and mortgage term/type.

The following two examples illustrate potential savings:

  Example 1 Example 2
Home Value $350,000 $800,000
Mortgage Value $262,500 $600,000
Home Package Benefit $1,186 $2,156
Mortgage Package Benefit $262 $1,200
Total Program Benefit $1,448 $3,356

Bottom line is this – if you are buying, selling or mortgaging, you can get a sizeable portion of real estate fees returned to you in your pocket.

Eligibility: IT and management consultants. Do not need to be working on an Annex assignment.
Location: Greater Vancouver, British Columbia
Contact: Iain Palmer
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