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Benefit #6 - Find It EZ

Annex Alliance member receive a FREE 6 month subscription to Find it, EZ’s award-winning change impact analysis software.

Annex is providing a single named user license of Dev Surge 365 by Find it EZ for each independent consultant and developer to use at no charge for six months.

Why register for a copy of this productivity software?

Whenever changes are planned or made to the underlying database in any software application, it can be a challenge to find all referenced code that may be affected. Normally, each software layer, report type, or programming language would require time-consuming and disconnected analysis with a variety of independent tools. Find it EZ provides a full 360 degree view of the entire code-stack in a single integrated application.

Using solutions from Find it EZ to manage their software changes, companies like Sprint, Westinghouse, the Mayo Clinic, Bloomberg, Manitoba Hydro, John Deere and Pan American Life have reported increasing their software development team productivity by over 40%.

Why are we so excited about this plan?

Find it EZ was the winner of Microsoft’s award for innovation in 2011. You can save time and money with comprehensive search functionality, as well as document and compare major analytics reporting programs, application source code and databases with just one integrated software tool.

What you get with Find it EZ:

  • More accurate and efficient source code change management.
  • Ability to determine the exact scope and impact of planned changes.
  • Easily estimate the time required to complete a change and ensure better quality code releases.
  • Assess “what if” scenarios to determine the most cost-effective, lowest impact design option to implement change.
  • Effective Risk Management, Resource Management and Cost Management.

Why not? By being part of the Annex Alliance, Find it EZ is free to try, free to upgrade and is backed by unlimited access to complimentary vendor support. Find it EZ products empower consultants to deliver on two core values: Doing things right and embracing change – in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

Eligibility: Annex Alliance IT and management consultants. Do not need to be working on an Annex assignment.
Location: Canada, USA, International
Contact: Ken Gnazdowsky
1-844-634-6348 ext. 1
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