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Benefit #1 - Rogers

Rogers gives IT and management consultants an exclusive choice of value-packed smart phone offers.

The plan offers significant discounts based on the size of the Annex Alliance across Canada. We are excited to offer these discounts and encourage you to compare pricing with your current plan, even if you are a Rogers customer today.

Rogers is the premier wireless carrier equipped to provide you with service you need to save time so you can focus your energy on making your projects successful. Staying connected to customers and suppliers is an essential part of your business. The last thing you want to think about is whether your phone is working properly, or whether you can access your email or the Internet. More and more businesses are choosing Rogers communications services for their reliability, flexibility and price. Our goal is to make your life easier by keeping your communications services running smoothly. That’s why Rogers services are easier to buy, easier to own and easier to manage, and come with built in security features to give you peace of mind. And when you have a question or need technical assistance, a single phone call puts you in touch with a business-focused team prepared to help.

Why are we so excited about this plan?

  • Aggressive discounts on pricing. Join the hundreds of people across Canada who have signed up.
  • A new activation credit for non-Rogers customers helps you pay for cancellation fees with other carriers or it can be applied to a new device or a discount on future bills.
  • The plan includes your choice of the latest smart phones.
  • Tablets and mobile broadband services are also included.
  • The plans are available to Annex Alliance consultants and their spouses.
  • Calling people on the same Annex plan does not count toward your voice minutes. So be sure to get your spouse and business colleagues on the plan.
  • You deal with a dedicated client manager from Rogers. No need to ever phone the general public number and wait in a long queue again.
  • Orders are done over the phone or online.
  • Your smart phone gets couriered directly to you within a couple of business days.
  • Available to all independent consultants, not just those on assignment with Annex.

This is an exclusive offer not for redistribution or publication. Prices are so low that we are not allowed to publish them on our public web site. The plan is only available through the direct contact person below and not available at dealer locations.

Eligibility: IT and management consultants. Do not need to be working on an Annex assignment.
Location: Canada
Contact: Morgan Lackey
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