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Annex Permanent Staffing

Annex Permanent Staffing (APS) continues to grow and be committed to exceeding industry standards with our services in permanent staffing. We strive to be faster and more precise in providing highly skilled IT professionals for exciting permanent opportunities. With our unique depth of network alliances and partnerships with a variety of professional affiliations and associations, we attract top notch IT professionals with more opportunities and, in turn, build greater relationships within our community. Annex continues to be involved in local technology events, as well as engaged with market intelligence, demand and trends.

Performance Reviews

If you take one piece of valuable information from this post, let it be that nothing during a performance review should come as a surprise.  The more you talk to your managers and touch base, the better off you and your company will be.  Aim to seek feedback all year long.Movie Get Out (201 This […]

A bonded team is a happy team

Corporate Team Building can offer an abundance of benefits to individual members, as well as the company as a whole.  Our staff meets as a group to collaborate on company goals, which aids in Annex being a strong cohesive team.  We respect one another and have excellent company rapport because we all participate in decision […]

Annex on LinkedIn

Is it safe to say that everyone reading this right now is on LinkedIn?  It’s an excellent tool for business, unlike other social media platforms because it allows all of us to connect on a direct level with one main priority in mind.  When browsing for motivational quotes or pictures to get us inspired for […]

Welcome to the new Annexchange!

Hello there, It’s been a little while, but I wanted to introduce you to the new Annexchange.  It’s not the easiest to keep up with blogging sometimes; we’re all so busy, and I understand how much you have going on in your daily lives, believe me.  We constantly have growing to do lists that never […]

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team is the second book that all Annex team members have to read when they join. I understand why that is; the first book we’re assigned is an operational textbook, which guides our meetings and our plannings. This is a more personal text. If you haven’t read, spoilers follow. […]

The Annex Book Club

Annex has six core values; Integrity, Community, Value, Service, Quality, and Balance. There’s one room in the office that you can find the literal embodiment of all six values—well, one room that isn’t the President’s Office. The Annex Library isn’t huge; it fits comfortably in the corner of one of our shared office spaces. But […]

The Evolution of a Project Management Core Competency

This post originally appeared in Edition 8 of the Annex newsletter. Written by our CEO, Stacey Cerniuk, it’s as relevant today as it ever was before. Changes have been made to reflect the continuation of volunteer experience since the original publication. I love project management. It’s in my blood. If your spouse has ever yelled at you, […]


It’s with great pride and pleasure that Annex debuts its official corporate blog. We’ve been around for 15 years, but only now has the time been just right for the creation of a corporate blog. The Annex team has never been host to more thoughtful, talented, and outgoing recruiters and client managers. We’re thrilled to […]

Business Lessons from Tough Mudder

This is a guest post from Stacey Cerniuk, the CEO, President, and Founder of Annex Consulting. Expect it to be the first of many; Stacey’s experiences have given him plenty to talk about. Four friends and I recently completed Tough Mudder Oregon.  It is a demanding 20 km course over rough terrain that includes 20+ […]

Six Keys to Project Success

By Bob Prenovost  In recent years, the use of project management methodology for developing new products and services has become increasingly prevalent. Project management has spread beyond its traditional application in the IT and Construction sectors and is being used across a wider spectrum of industries. This is good news for the project management community […]

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