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Your Recruiter is Your Teammate

Your Recruiter is Your Teammate

We previously published a post on Speaking Technical to a Non-Technical Person.

In that article we noted that some consultants are excellent at using analogies and deciphering industry jargon into layman’s terms to explain very specific and technical concepts when recruiters are qualifying them for positions.  By speaking non-technical, it makes this an easier conversation for both parties, and will hopefully result in the role being filled by the most qualified candidate.

Corporate recruiters know the company inside and out, they have no problem with the client’s company culture and operating platforms, but for specific projects there is a higher chance that they are not yet familiar with the jargon used in the IT department.

At Annex, we don’t have a candidate ownership model. The recruitment area is a collaborative environment where everyone is working for you. We’re all on the same team.  As our teammate, follow these steps to land your next contract or dream job. 

Create a long-term relationship

You want the team to think of your name first when a role comes out.  When you remain loyal, follow up, and keep in touch with the recruitment team, you can expect the same from the rest of the team.

Open Communication

Working with someone you can depend on and trust is valuable to any teammate. Communication also refers to speaking in non-technical terms; follow your judgment and the conversation will be easier for both parties. There are a few roles that require homework such as completing forms requested by our clients outlining your experience. By asking questions, working with the recruiters, and meeting deadlines, you will be viewed as a professional ally.

Be Reachable
Sometimes we need to reach you to present an opportunity or clarify information.  Show us you are serious by responding to phone calls and emails in a timely matter.  As a team, the Annex recruiters will put in their best effort to place you in the job you desire.  We’re all in this together. Grab our attention by being a collaborative partner who we’ll always go to bat for.


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Annex is an IT recruitment and solutions company. Contract services include custom software development, project management, business analysis, infrastructure and management consulting. We have completed thousands of projects for hundreds of clients since 1998. We have an industry leading 97% client satisfaction rating across all completed projects. 

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