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It’s with great pride and pleasure that Annex debuts its official corporate blog.

We’ve been around for 15 years, but only now has the time been just right for the creation of a corporate blog. The Annex team has never been host to more thoughtful, talented, and outgoing recruiters and client managers. We’re thrilled to have a place where we can showcase their thoughts and opinions about the work we’re so proud to do.

The name of this blog, ‘Annexchange’, was agreed upon by all of us: this is going to be a place for everyone to have a voice, a place for us to share our experiences and our enthusiasm for the world around us. If you’ll pardon the pun, it’ll be our place for an ‘exchange’ of information on a wealth of topics, ranging from technology, leadership, and the state of IT in general. We have a lot of strong voices on our team, so how we choose to write about these things is going to vary greatly. Between the seventeen members of the team, there are some great stories–and a fair share of wisdom, too. This will be a place for advice and anecdotes, opinions and official updates on Annex’s business and adventures.

But the inclusion of the word ‘exchange’ in the name wasn’t just for show. We also want this blog to be where we talk about what our consultants and customers want to talk about; we’re all in the world of IT together. If there’s something that you want to see discussed, reach out by email or on Twitter.

Posting will be bi-weekly at a minimum; we’re going to strive for one post a week, ideally, but bi-weekly is a guarantee. This week, and certain others, will have two posts for our readers.  What can I say? The world has never been a more exciting place to write about.

Welcome to Annexchange.

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