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Welcome to the new Annexchange!

Hello there, It’s been a little while, but I wanted to introduce you to the new Annexchange.  It’s not the easiest to keep up with blogging sometimes; we’re all so busy, and I understand how much you have going on in your daily lives, believe me.  We constantly have growing to do lists that never seem to stop growing, but that’s why restarting this blog is even more important.  This is going to be a place designated with our consultants in mind.  I want to provide you with valuable information that you can use towards interviews, resumes, cover letters, references, company culture, etc.  I’ll do the housekeeping and provide the details to keep you on track and ready for your next dream opportunity.  I will also be providing book reviews on popular titles from our Annex Library and directing you to articles I think are beneficial for career development. One of our core values at Annex, is just that- Value.  We value our consultants because you are important to us.  We value your time, your efforts and the work you do in our community.  I want to bring some value into your life with this blog, and I hope through the wide range of topics, there will be something of interest for everyone.  I understand from personal experience that tailoring a resume or prepping for an interview, at the most basic level, can be a daunting task.  While at Annex, we are trained in both of these, it does not hurt to give you some of the tools and techniques for you to be confident doing the same. If you have a topic that you would like me to cover, please email me at and I’ll be sure to make it a priority. Here’s to helping each other out, and learning along the way!

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