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Top Tech Solutions for Today’s Solopreneur

Top Tech Solutions for Today’s Solopreneur

By Lucy Reed

To be competitive in today’s business world, solopreneurs need to make use of every tool at their disposal. Thankfully, in our electronic age, technology affords a wide variety of options. We explored some of the top solutions available for ensuring your small business is a smashing success.

Tech Tool on the Go

These days, everyone has a business tool they carry everywhere they go. That ultra handy tool is your smartphone, and as a solopreneur, chances are it’s your business’s backbone. It’s where you take and make calls, close deals, check email, update project statuses, order supplies – all this, and then some.

If your phone is outmoded, or your provider doesn’t meet your needs, it can get in the way of your growth. Tom’s Guide notes older models can’t always handle system upgrades, which can leave your data vulnerable. What’s more, they might not have enough memory and power to handle some of the newer apps, especially if you plan to run more than one at the same time.

With that in mind, think about whether it’s time for a change. Contemplate upgrading to a state-of-the-art solution, such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It offers superior speed and power, unprecedented battery life, and an amazing camera system — just the thing for sharing new products and events with your clients.

If Apple isn’t your thing, there are some killer Android options out there to keep your solo flight going strong. Consider the OnePlus 7 Pro. PCMag points out it offers a long battery life, an excellent display, and plenty of power.

Streamlining Solutions

Once you have that top-notch, state-of-the-art computer in your pocket, there are some stellar apps to add to it that make life as a solopreneur much easier. For instance, invoicing solutions like Invoicera ease tracking reimbursements, and if you’re a QuickBooks user, Viewpost integrates with it beautifully.

If you struggle with staying on top of your busy days, there are terrific apps for that as well. Think about whether you would benefit from scheduling solutions that allow customers to schedule themselves, such as MINDBODY or Rosy Salon. FlexBooker helps you stay abreast of service deliveries, reservations, and facility arrangements, and Doodle assists with juggling meetings, inviting attendees, and sending reminders. Whatever your needs, there’s an app for that!

Money Makers

These days, everyone is busy, and your clientele is no different. The easier you can make things for them — including how you accept their payments — the better. The last thing they want is to have to sit down, find an envelope, and pull out a checkbook, so explore more modern methods. Even if your website isn’t currently an e-commerce site, think about adding a payment option for your customers’ convenience.

The Balance points out there are several online payment services worth looking into, such as Apple Pay and PayPal. Apple Pay works across all Apple devices, so if you’re an Apple fan, it’s a great way to stay fully integrated. PayPal is a popular choice, and can be used at the point of sale with the addition of a card reader. Contemplate your personal circumstances, and sort your options to decide what will work best for you and your clientele.

Broaden Your Base

There is a basic, must-have element in growing your business, and that’s an expanding customer base. Getting the word out about you and what you do can be tough, but there are tech tools that can help, and some are even free. As an example, Hubspot’s entry level option is free and it provides some basic analytic reports, email tracking, and live chat with website visitors. Proof, on the other hand, starts at $24 and has tiered a price plan based on website traffic. It’ll integrate seamlessly with your website and will show your target market your reviews, social media posts, and more.

When it comes to boosting your success, look to technological solutions. Invest in a phone that can stay as busy as you are, add some apps that streamline your work, ease how your clients give you money, and broaden your customer base. Flying solo is tough, but these savvy solutions will keep you soaring ever higher.


About the Author

Lucy Reed has been starting businesses since she was a kid, from the lemonade stand she opened in her parent’s driveway at age 10 to the dog walking business she started while in college. She created GigMine because she was inspired by the growth of the sharing economy and wanted to make it easier for entrepreneurial individuals like herself to find the gig opportunities in their areas.

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