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The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team is the second book that all Annex team members have to read when they join. I understand why that is; the first book we’re assigned is an operational textbook, which guides our meetings and our plannings. This is a more personal text. If you haven’t read, spoilers follow.

(I’m verboten by the President to name our other essential book. But you might’ve heard of it, and if you’ve heard of it, you likely love it. It’s a good one.)

This book is crisp without being dry. Lencioni outlines his principles through a story of a software company going, if not gone, wrong, and uses fictional characters to expose real common foibles of modern employees.

Read as is, the fable states and illustrates the problems that can lead to a dysfunctional work environment. Each reader might take certain aspects of the book apart in various ways–more sympathetic readers might want to reach out to the fable’s antagonists, while more strident readers will be behind Kathryn, the leader, 100%.

Once the story has concluded, Lencioni proposes solutions and techniques to help work through the five outlined dysfunctions. These techniques will work–but convincing a distrustful workforce that there is, in fact, a trust issue can be easier said than done.

Ultimately, no higher praise can be given to this book that it is a correct book, well-written. It offers members of any kind of workforce principles to aspire to, and strategies to make those aspirations realities. This book is what it sets out to be, and the reviews that it has received prove it.

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