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The Benefits of using a Recruiting Agency vs. Internal Recruitment

The Benefits of using a Recruiting Agency vs. Internal Recruitment

If you are responsible for technical hiring or if you need top-quality personnel on your team, you might ask yourself “Why would I use an external Recruitment Agency? What’s the benefit?” These are valid questions and it is perfectly reasonable to question how an external agency could garner better results than internal recruitment. If you have asked yourself “We have recruiters in-house so why would I use an external source?” Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons you might want to consider an agency.

Specialization and asking the right questions

Annex recruiters specialize in technical roles and as such are very knowledgeable regarding today’s most in-demand technologies and associated methodologies. Technical recruitment is what we do, so we know the right questions to really dig deep into the specific requirements of a role and also potential candidates. We have intimate knowledge of the tools and processes, so we are able to have relevant, in-depth, technical conversations with both our clients and candidates to ensure maximum compatibility in terms of technical requirements and fit. Many times we receive feedback from the hiring managers at our clients that the internal recruiters do not have the detailed technical knowledge to have really meaningful conversations with potential technical hires. This results in candidates going through the interview process, sometimes at multiple levels throughout the organization, before it fully comes to light that there isn’t a technical fit, and that there never really was to begin with due to the lack of competence or experience of the in-house recruiter in specialized technical fields.

The person performing technical recruiting at many of our clients is often recruiting for a wide spectrum of roles across the entire organization as well as fulfilling other HR functions. This simply does not allow them to have the expertise in-house that is inherent to the Annex team, which has over 18 years of highly specialized technical recruitment in the lower mainland. Interviewing a poor fit at even one level in an organization is a waste of time and money, but once the candidate has gone through multiple rounds of interviews, sometimes making it through to the very top levels of an organization, this can easily add up to a twenty thousand dollar mistake, not including the additional time required to start the process over again. We hear these kinds of stories all the time, and that is just one of the money-saving reasons why so many clients choose to work with Annex again and again when they have serious roles to fill and no time to lose.

Use your in-house recruiter for filling the roles they are particularly adept at filling. Using a specialized recruiter for your technical roles saves you time and money.  At Annex, we create win / win situations with an objective view.

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