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The Annex Book Club

Annex has six core values; Integrity, Community, Value, Service, Quality, and Balance. There’s one room in the office that you can find the literal embodiment of all six values—well, one room that isn’t the President’s Office.

The Annex Library isn’t huge; it fits comfortably in the corner of one of our shared office spaces. But it’s one of the most important communal areas we have. You can usually find me there, being paranoid about the alphabetization and checking off titles that we could think to add. Our recruiters are fond of the true life stories, books like  ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ or ‘The Last Lecture’; our client managers, when they have time to read, pick up the performance-enhancers, the books that demand that we put as much of our souls into our work as possible.

Stacey Cerniuk, the CEO, has compiled a list of over one hundred noteworthy titles for the Annex staff. While working through all of them would take many, many blog posts, the Annexchange will be host to a few explorations of some of the key texts that we adore.

The first on the docket will be our mandatory text: ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’, by Patrick Lencioni. If you’ve got a title you think we should check out, drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter, or reply in the comments below.

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