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Speaking Technical to a Non-Technical Person

Speaking Technical to a Non-Technical Person

This blog post comes as a request from the recruitment team here at Annex.  Some consultants are excellent at using analogies or breaking down jargon into layman’s terms to explain very specific and technical concepts when recruiters are qualifying them for positions.  By speaking non-technical, it makes this an easier conversation for both parties, and will hopefully result in the role being filled by the most qualified candidate.

Corporate recruiters know the company inside and out, they have no problem with the client’s company culture and usual platforms, but for specific projects there is a higher chance that they are not yet familiar with the jargon used in the IT department. 

How do you explain technical skills and that you are a fit for the role to a non-technical person?

Start with Key Words:  Read through the job requirements and desirable skills and create a skill matrix that clearly shows your years of experience with that technology as well as your proficiency level. It’s better to be concise with quantifiable evidence than confuse who you are talking to on the phone and not make it past procurement.  It’s more about the key words and numbers, than complex answers.

The Right Balance:  Recruiters are smart individuals who have a good grasp of technology. Speak to a recruiter as if they understand what you are talking about, you don’t need to explain every detail and cross the line into demeaning territory.  Having a balance of simplicity all while talking to an intelligent human being is the key to success here.  Describe your impressive resume, while going into more details on unique projects and technologies.  If a recruiter is unfamiliar, they’ll ask.

A recruiter is your gateway to an interview. It works in your favour to get the most out of the qualification phase of the submission cycle.  While you understand that you meet the qualifications and are a fit for the role, the goal is that the recruiter feels confident in that ability as well and is able to reiterate with ease the technical jargon that you so graciously explained for them.

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