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Performance Reviews

If you take one piece of valuable information from this post, let it be that nothing during a performance review should come as a surprise.  The more you talk to your managers and touch base, the better off you and your company will be.  Aim to seek feedback all year long.Movie Get Out (201

This is put into practice at Annex, as we have monthly one on one’s to keep progress on our individual goals, as well as a more formal review to recap.  Our executive team at Annex has many years’ experience managing employees, and believes that annual performance appraisals are not particularly effective as conducting a monthly one on one meeting, as they are a two way conversation to provide and receive feedback.  In other words, the manager provides feedback to the employee, but the employee is encouraged to do the same.   This is also a time to ensure the employee is doing well and enjoying their time at Annex.  A monthly one on one can be a good forum for exchanging ideas about how to improve Annex.

To prepare:

Embrace your worth Be ready to market yourself and talk about your worth within the company.  I find that writing a list of your accomplishments, or keeping that list all year long and adding to it is a great way to go.  Be as specific as possible; your list of accomplishments should be quantifiable.   You should be proud of how much you have grown, and be able to communicate that to your boss, especially if you do not have more frequent meet ups.

Own your improvement Do you have a certain goal in mind that you want to achieve this year?  Developing your skill set and becoming more confident in your role, will mean constant growth and improvement.  While your mentors can provide guidance and suggestions, ultimately, it’s up to you to show the initiative and take the steps towards improvement for your professional growth and success.  If you are not quite sure where to start with this, a great step is to set SMART goals.  We have talked about this previously on the blog and will most likely bring it up again because the formula is standard for setting up a quality foundation for your future. SMART goals are:

Salary Expectations Before attending your performance review, it is a good idea to conduct market research on your position, as this is a perfect opportunity to discuss salary expectations.  Employers take performance reviews as a base for financial decisions and the worst thing would be to not prepare for such an important discussion.  You may have a salary raise structure in place, or not need to say a thing, but be prepared.

A performance review is quality time with your manager to discuss the importance of your goals, plans for your professional future, and creating expectations within your position.  Reviews are an excellent opportunity to provide feedback, however this does not mean that we wait for the meetings; feedback is provided as required.  Nothing should come as a surprise. Just be organized and prepared with quantifiable information.

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