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Job Hunting in a New Country

Job Hunting in a New Country

Job hunting can be stressful, especially if you are looking for your first job in a new country. There can be new job boards to explore, a certain way of writing your resume, or a different way to present yourself in an interview.

It’s hard to get out of the cycle of sending out countless emails and receiving rejections. Talk about the longest waiting game ever! You may often wonder, having all the experience and expertise in your field, getting an interview and acing it would be a piece of cake. So, it begs the question: what are you doing wrong? Or rather, what should you be doing right?

The best way to navigate searching for a job in a new country is to partner with a recruitment agency, like Annex.

Recruitment agencies are experts in their local, provincial and national job markets. They are often familiar with different job matrices such as available opportunities, companies hiring, market pay rates, and upcoming hiring trends. Also, working with a recruiter helps you get free advice on how to build your resume to best showcase your international experience. A recruiter will also give you interview tips and tricks to craft your elevator pitch. Most importantly, a good recruiter is there to coach you throughout your job search and be your best self on your best day.

As one of the leading recruitment agencies in British Columbia, Annex posts the most job opportunities in BC. Mainly because we are an approved agency for several public and private sector companies. Our recruitment team connects with hundreds of people on a daily basis, including those new to Canada.

At Annex, we have touched the lives of over 30,000 candidates including immigrants in the last 21 years. We are proud partners, mentors, and supporters of local immigrant services like MOSAIC and S.U.C.C.E.S.S and have worked alongside them for many years. Our purpose is to make connections that change lives and build lifetime relationships. We are happy that we have helped hundreds of immigrants find a job and settle into their new home.

How Annex Helps:

  1. Annex Alliance – What does being a part of the Annex Alliance mean? It means that your resume is automatically part of our applicant pool for various job opportunities. If Annex has a job opportunity that matches your experience and if you are looking for a job, Annex will reach out to you!
  2. Resume building – Annex helps candidates build a strong resume. We highlight strong skillsets and overcome resume roadblocks (if any).
  3. Mentor – A recruiter at Annex will listen to your career journey and help match you with opportunities that support the career you want to be in.
  4. Interview preparation – They say there are no right or wrong answers during an interview. However, there are certain qualities that recruiters look for in the candidates. Our recruiters will help you prepare for answers to those questions you never seem to get right.
  5. Annex Workshops – Last but not the least, if your recruiter is Annex; you will have access to various training and workshops, like resume building and interviewing tips, offered by Annex Learning Centre.

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