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Company Culture

Corporate culture cannot be simulated, either everyone is on the same page, or the workplace is scattered.  Culture is what makes a cohesive team, and the foundation is built from the management team’s techniques, language, and the company values and mission statement that are put into place each day. When you hear the company name, a set image should come to mind, and that image has been branded through not only the service, but the employees as well.  Some organizations achieve this better than others; however, it should constantly be strived for because the personality of an organization is vital to its success.  When employees feel connected and part of a team, they work harder and the overall environment is a positive one.

When we are placing someone for an opportunity, there could be three candidates who are perfect for the role with identical skill sets, but the consultant the client hires is the individual who is going to mesh well with the team.  Companies know that they are competing on the basis of corporate environment and what that represents, along with all the other usual factors.  If there is a strong culture with an excellent reputation, people will not want to work anywhere else.

The main factors of company culture are the size of the organization, and structure of the various teams.  How does each team react to the company values?  The alignment of the management team will influence how employees react to these values and the shift in employee attitude.  Negative productivity is not an easy fix, especially when there is a decline in productivity and company atmosphere — it is a downward spiral because employees who could otherwise be an excellent addition to the team either chose to leave, or not reach their potential.

Problems like this occur with unclear role expectations, lack of communication, unsatisfactory company structure, and a blurred mix of the culture.  Employees can be either the corporation’s greatest assets, or cause the inevitable and unfortunate downfall, if not reversed.  Culture fit is more important for the employees than the consultants. On a three month contract, culture fit with the organization is less important for both the consultant and the client, as the project is the focus at hand.  However, culture fit does become critical when an organization hires a new employee for both parties.

Consultants should research their prospective company’s culture. Understand if this organization is a place where you could fit in with the team and if their values align with those you place in your daily life.  To rate success with company culture, most of the employees should feel as if they are part of a greater whole, a family working towards a common goal. Everyone is enthusiastic about their role in the organization and driven to see its success.   The objective is to create a culture where employees value their career, and do not dread going to work.

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