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By Annamaija Irvine & Wilson Yu

There are five types of recruitment positions that Annex focuses on; Pass-Through, Contract, Contract-to-Hire, Permanent and Executive.  Our Permanent Staffing division has had a recent overhaul by means of an addition to the Annex Team, Wilson Yu.

I asked Wilson to provide our consultants with information on Annex Permanent Staffing (APS), as it will be much more prominent in our business moving forward.

Annex Permanent Staffing (APS) continues to grow and be committed to exceeding industry standards with our services in permanent staffing.   We strive to be faster and more precise in providing highly skilled IT professionals for exciting permanent opportunities. With our unique depth of network alliances and partnerships with a variety of professional affiliations and associations, we attract top notch IT professionals with more opportunities and, in turn, build greater relationships within our community.   Annex continues to be involved in local technology events, as well as engaged with market intelligence, demand and trends.

The APS team understands technology, and our dynamic group consists of professionals who have worked specifically in the IT field, and who understand the intricacies of industries specific requirements and environments.  Hiring for a permanent position is an investment for both the seeker and stakeholder.  With our pre-screening methodology, we take a thorough approach to meet both requirements and match. We know every role and organization is unique, and we provide custom staffing strategies to meet each hire. Annex will stand behind our quality service and guarantee each placement.

Contracting is not for everyone, and we understand that some consultants want the stability and security of a permanent position.   We have proven IT industry knowledge and experience in order to identify and screen the best candidates for not just skills and salary expectations, but personality fit.  With full references and a guarantee of every placement, we are confident in our Permanent Staffing ability. 

If you have any questions about APS, please contact Wilson at

About the Author

Annamaija has transitioned into Annex’s Proposal Writer as well as a driving force in the Marketing Team. Read more on Annamaija Irvine.

Wilson Yu leads the charge in growing the permanent staffing practice. He has been involved with technology over fifteen years, in which he’s been in a variety of systems solution projects, service management, and sales performance for a global software development company.  Read more on Wilson Yu.

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