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Is it safe to say that everyone reading this right now is on LinkedIn?  It’s an excellent tool for business, unlike other social media platforms because it allows all of us to connect on a direct level with one main priority in mind.  When browsing for motivational quotes or pictures to get us inspired for the week, there is an abundance of options on other platforms, which is not a bad thing; it’s good to see that we’re all human, however LinkedIn is a niche unwilling to expand into personal territory.  There are no other options for information filling up that Newsfeed. LinkedIn is important because it lets us connect together as a professional network with a hiring solution that has proven successful, and therefore, one of the most important tools for recruiters. With over 150 million users, LinkedIn is a valuable space to sell you, service feedback, and conduct immediate market research. How you use your account is up to you; it is most productive to be a part of multiple groups.  Annex has a few different group options that we created so that you can be specifically connected to your skill set.  We have our corporate page, which is a snapshot of our website with all the information you will need to know about Annex and the jobs we have posted.  The groups are all closed as a space for our consultants to gather privately: Annex Consultant Forum The Annex Consulting Forum is put together with our consultants in mind. This is a space for discussion, questions, opinions and feedback. Under the jobs tab, you will find everything that we have posted on the corporate page, but in its own scan through section where they will be compiled in one place.  Anyone in the Annex Alliance would find it beneficial to be a member of this group. Annex BA Centre of Excellence and the Annex PM Centre of Excellence These two groups, the BA Centre of Excellence, and the PM Centre of Excellence, have the same theme in mind.  Both follow the foundation of the initial forum, but take it a step further, as they are exclusive to Business Analysts and Project Managers who can connect and come together. The goal is to build a foundation where you can use each other’s resources and knowledge to put onto current projects.  They are also closed groups meant for the Annex Alliance community.  Once you are an approved member of either group, more information will be provided to you. We are excited to offer this to our alliance, as it will support and help you with future contracts and questions, and in return a place for us to gain feedback and have open discussions with our consultants, which we very much appreciate.  Please join these groups, take advantage of the polls, and I encourage you to be part of the discussion.

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