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Annex Differentiators

Annex Differentiators

We believe that Annex has a compelling story to tell.  Our competitive advantages have contributed to the company’s significant growth – an average of 60% year-over-year revenue growth since our 1998 inception. 

Annex’s unique differentiators that allow us to provide exceptional service are qualities that distinguish Annex from other companies in the same industry to give us a competitive advantage.   One of our differentiators is our experience within finance and BC Crown operations; however I will leave out those specifics for this blog post.

“Hybrid” Organization – Staff Augmentation and Solutions

One of Annex’s unique differentiators is that we provide both recruitment services and solutions.  First, Annex is a full-service recruitment organization.  We provide staff augmentation services (i.e., individual contractors) and have done so since Annex was established in 1998.  As IT industry professionals, we have the advantage of understanding our clients’ requirements when matching people to those needs.

Second, Annex provides solutions.  Our IT background and experience enables Annex to take on full project solutions from beginning to end.  We have provided solutions since day one.  The most common solutions, but not limiting opportunities we work on at Annex are custom software development and integration, application sustainment, management consulting, and business intelligence.


No service organization wants to differentiate itself on price at the risk of being commoditized or being viewed as an inferior, cheaper service.  We normally address the “inferior service” objection by communicating our industry-leading customer satisfaction rating of 97%

In terms of competing with large IT consulting firms, we are, in fact, lower in price.  It is simply a math problem – Annex is a regional player and does not need to support the overhead costs of a multinational consulting organization, as we do not have benched consultants across the country.

Again, we prefer not to differentiate ourselves on price.  We instead prefer to do so on quality.  We believe it is a bonus for our clients if both are differentiators for Annex. 

“The Annex Way” – a Proprietary Technique 

We have evolved Annex’s internal sourcing and delivery methodology for 16 years.  It is “the Annex way” of doing things that has resulted in 97% customer satisfaction since 1998.  It contains many proprietary techniques, our “secret sauce”, that contributes to exceptional customer service and competitive advantage – e.g., collaborative culture, innovative sourcing channels, competency banding for consultants, service management, how to determine pricing, full disclosure of gross margin, and value added services.   Annex’s industry-leading customer satisfaction rating supports one of our core values- Value.

Canadian Company Based in BC 

Annex’s significant differentiator is that we are one of the very few large Canadian IT consulting companies based in BC.  When clients engage with Annex, it supports a Canadian organization headquartered in British Columbia.

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