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A bonded team is a happy team

Corporate Team Building can offer an abundance of benefits to individual members, as well as the company as a whole.  Our staff meets as a group to collaborate on company goals, which aids in Annex being a strong cohesive team.  We respect one another and have excellent company rapport because we all participate in decision making.  In these planning sessions, we work on group activities, take the time to understand our different communication patterns and personalities, and sort out small issues to make the work environment more enjoyable, as we are all on the same page and working towards these common goals.

Besides attending meetings and planning sessions, Annex has a social calendar full of little things like, Crazy Sock Day, Easter Egg Hunt, Vancouver Sun Run, Birthday Parties, celebrating anniversaries, and a Spring Babies photo contest.  Our marketing team likes to keep things fun around the office and allows the different teams of the organization to interact with one another.  Even though we are a smaller company, it would be easy for the different parts of the organization not to touch base, and each team has their own team building nights and lunch and learns as well, which is why we also have monthly pub nights, and larger group activities that include everyone.

Our pub nights are a chance to unwind and laugh together, and the larger activities are great for company culture because everyone starts at the same knowledge level.  We are all learning together.  Our last group activity was Archery and a group dinner that proved to be very successful. Archery was a unique activity that people wouldn’t normally go to on their own accord, and the team support each other through learning the techniques and high fives for bull’s-eyes!

When we reach our team goals, we are rewarded for our efforts. Having different levels of team building and rewards is a way to keep the team aligned and motivated for the next challenge and adventure; and let me tell you, Vegas was an interesting adventure.

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